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Tea artisans: responsible environmental stewards

Family farms take better care of the land. All Mellow Monk® grower–artisans in Japan are family owned and operated. They are also certified under Japan's Eco Farmer Program, a voluntary local government program that's monitored by Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to promote environmentally responsible farming practices.

Our growers take pride in being full-fledged members of the program, because their attitude toward the land is different: Each generation sees itself as just one stop in a long, unbroken line of stewards who take over the land from the previous generation, use it to earn their livelihood, and then pass it down to the next generation. Taking care of the land is a given for them: It's where they live, and where their children will grow up and some day raise their own families.

Mellow Monk® and the environment

Mellow Monk® Green Teas is certified by Co-Op America as a green business and is listed in the organization's National Green Pages. This certification represents our dedication to dealing fairly and directly with family-owned and -operated tea artisans and our dedication to environmental responsibility — theirs and ours.


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