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For our customers

Our mission is to provide our customers with green tea that's healthier and better-tasting than other teas because of our growers' commitment to quality and to environmentally responsible farming practices.


Tea grove

Tea cup


For our growers

Our mission is to provide small-scale, independent, family-owned and -operated growers in Japan with the means to supply their tea to green tea aficionados outside of their traditional geographic base. In other words, with Mellow MonkŪ functioning like a virtual co-op, the sky's the limit for our growers.

For our planet

Family farms are better stewards of the land than corporate agribusiness is—the changes in agriculture in the last half-century have taught us this, if nothing else. By selecting as our growers only tea farms that are family-owned and -operated and certified eco-friendly, Mellow Monk® persues its mission of promoting responsible, sustainable environmental stewardship. Mellow Monk also contributes to Kiva to help promote family-based agriculture.


Brewed tea in a cup



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