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I have been a Mellow Monk fan for years. Their tea is every bit on par with the most expensive top-quality senchas that I have tried over the years and is worlds beyond what is available in most stores. Shipping within the continental US is extremely fast (and reasonably priced), and I am always impressed with the freshness and variety. Every tea I have tried has been delicious and infinitely drinkable. Thank you for sourcing great Japanese green tea for US customers and making it available at such reasonable prices!

Patrick M.
Louisville, KY


I'm still playing around with Top Leaf and cinnamon, but I did try Top Leaf alone as is and it was very pleasant to drink. I can see this being my go-to green tea. The Just-Right Roast was brewed for a party and everyone seemed to love it. It was very flavorful, refreshing, and delicious. I can see why it won the tea championship in so many years. Will have to add this to all of my orders in the future. I'm looking forward to trying more of your teas. Thank you.

Kevin T.
Garden Grove, CA


Frosty Garden is my favorite MM tea yet! It even smells amazing in the bag. I will be going through this one quickly and re-ordering!

Jeff G.
Skokie, IL


You're the best! Thanks :)

Jocelyn B.
Duluth, MN


Just wanted to say that I am a variety seeker and I have purchased many different kinds of whole leaf/loose green teas, stretching over many different brands. Although they were all good, they have all been disappointments considering my first was from Mellow Monk. Thanks for the truly unique product, my loyalty lies with Mellow Monks.

Thomas C.
Krugerville, TX


Thanks for the tea! It's always the best quality!

Cody P.
Pilot Point, TX


Once again, you have exceeded my expectations. Because your company was sold out of Top Leaf sencha, I ordered some Shaded Leaf instead. My order was processed IMMEDIATELY ... That was nice and quick. In addition, I was very surprised, and pleased, at how fast the Postal Service picked it up. They did so merely a few hours after I placed the order. That was IMPRESSIVE! There were no delays at all, and it arrived in 2 days. And because my order was over $30, the shipping was free! Thanks for that. Of course, the shipping is already quite low, and it wasn't a huge savings, but every little bit is much appreciated. ...

I'm enjoying my tea, now. This being my first gyokuro, I'm having to experiment with the temperatures, and steep times. The flavour is quite a bit stronger than sencha. There is less of that oceany flavour, and more of the sweet and buttery. I enjoy it. ... I'm no tea guru, but I can tell that this is high quality. I appreciate the care and diligence you put into selecting and blending it.

Chad M.
Tulsa, Oklahoma


I received my tea today and had my first cup of Top Leaf, it was heavenly. I am so excited that I have found your company and will begin a journey of new tea experiences. Tea is short and life is long.

Deborah C.
Sarasota, FL


I have just tasted your 'Top Leaf' [...] and I would like to tell you my opinion. It's a very good tea for the price. A well balanced tea, with sweet taste and deep fragrance. An ideal every day tea for amators and connoisseurs, too. With my broken english it is not easy to tell you exactly what I think but all is good with this tea. In the Internet market, of course there is a lot of choice but [your tea's] quality is rare for a tea at 15$. Usually I drink Shizuoka tea but with the bad weather the tea is awfull. I just taste Kyushu tea this year and the Kyushu teas are better in my opinion.

Grenoble, France


In my book, Mellow Monk has done everything right. [...] While doing a search for "tea blogs" recently, I came across "The Green Tea Review" ( At the top of the blog (March 25, 2010) was a review of your kabusecha. It sounded good. I searched for and found other reviews of your teas at the blog ("Blissful Buds"; "Top Leaf"). I went to your website, then to your blog; I watched the video on YouTube about tea harvesting in and around Aso featuring your Mellow Monk buyer in Japan... By then I was truly sold; the teas looked amazing, sounded amazing, and the price was right. I ordered a packet of Top Leaf and a packet of Blissful Buds (my first order). They arrived in the mail a few days later with a nice note. The moment I opened the first packet I could see and smell that the leaves were very fresh and fragrant. I brewed them up according to the directions on the packet, using a "yu-zamashi" for the water first, and the leaves were in fact quite wonderful, the buds quite blissful (they have a matcha-like green intensity when brewed "loose" in a kyusu that I really like). I've since tried the Monk's Choice and Monk's Bliss, and am particularly fond of the latter. I prefer the Top Leaf to Monk's Choice, but did want to do a comparison to satisfy my curiosity.

I have nothing negative to say about Mellow Monk. These teas are wonderful: they're organic, they're reasonably priced, and they're unique to this customer, who had never before tried Tamaryokucha-style sencha or me-cha. The service has been fast and friendly. And I love both the website and the blog. Some of the entries on the latter make me really long to get back to Japan...

Hontou ni, hontou ni manzoku shiteimasu!

Marc L.
Providence, RI


I really like your tea. I never cared for green teas I had tried before visiting Japan last year. They seemed to have no taste. After I got back from my trip I searched for green tea like I had in Japan and yours were the ones that succeeded.

I usually get Monk's Choice. It's my everyday choice. I sometimes use Top Leaf when I want something more refined. I've had prompt service when I've ordered. The tea is nice and fresh. I also appreciate the fact that your shipping costs are low.

Nancy T.
Boylston, MA


Excellent tea as usual! Thank you for the great tea! It is perfection and no other tea is even close. I miss it when I run out! :-)

Carol M.
Lansdowne, PA


I really enjoy Mellow Monk tea and consider it to be not only exceedingly tasty and authentic Japanese green tea, but also the best value by far that I have found on the internet for such a fine product. I enjoy buying your tea not only for its taste, but for the knowledge that I am supporting farmers who care about doing things right. Thanks also for such excellent customer service.

Jason K.
Durham, NC


Absolutely love this tea. Nothing like it, and so far I have tried "Monks Choice" and "Top Leaf." Soon, I will to try the "Blissful Buds" my friend purchased!

Thomas C.
Krugerville, TX


My first order of Blissful Buds and Top Leaf was wonderful. Both are nearly gone, so I'm back for more (trying two different teas this time, and reordering the buds). Thank you.

Marc L.
Providence, RI


I specifically chose Mellow Monk tea because of your policies listed on your website and I have not been disappointed. Your tea is the finest I have ever tasted. I plan on being a devoted customer for many more years to come. Thank you very much for such a fine product.

Loretta B.
Tulsa, OK


I have been looking for the best green tea for a while. Up until now I only drank tea made from the mass-produced commercial grade-green tea bags. I knew there was something better out there, but there was just so much to choose from I didn’t know where to start. I did some reading and read that the best green teas are from single-estate private growers. A simple Google search for “single-estate green tea” brought me to your website. Right from the beginning I knew there was something very special about Mellow Monk.

I ordered a few different varieties of your teas and it was in my mailbox just a few short days later. I opened the envelope and to my surprise I found a hand-signed invoice. I have never seen that before. Not knowing where to start I tore them all open and smelled each one, each smelled wonderful.

I quickly brewed a cup of Top Leaf per your instructions and was absolutely blown away. I had no idea green tea could taste and make you feel so good. I am sold — you have a new loyal customer for life.

Ed W.
Fairfield, CT


I think I've ordered tea from all the major outlets and yours is by far my favorite. It's always consistent, it always steeps well and tastes wonderful. The customer service is far better than the others, as well. And the shipping and delivery is always prompt. I'm very happy with the teas from mellow monk and always have some in my cabinet. I consider them my flagship teas.

Pam M.
Columbia, TN


I love your green tea and use it in my smoothies every morning (in addition to having it as regular tea and also using it in my miso soups)! I thought I would try the powdered tea in addition to the other kind, since it may work better in my smoothies. Thank you very much for your great tea and for your excellent customer service!

Carol M.
Lansdowne, PA


I received my Monk's Bliss and Top Leaf tea ... all I can say is yummm! This is the second year I have ordered from you. You have great tea, an easy to use and informative website and a very interesting blog. I appreciate having tea that is grown and delivered cleanly and with care. Your prices also make your tea very accessible. Thank you,

Betsy O.
Chicago, IL


I do not presume to have the refined palette of connoisseur.  Nevertheless, I think I know a superlative cup of tea when I taste it, and Mellow Monk® teas qualify indubitably. Your Top Leaf™ variety is simply delightful, and your Master's Roast delivers an enchanting serenity--all of this _plus_ the pure awareness that comes from knowing your teas are exceedingly kind to our bodies, the Earth, and the good folks who grow them. If they serve tea in Nirvana, I am certain it will be Mellow Monk®!  Needless to say, you have earned a loyal customer. My best wishes to you always. Namasté. P.S. Your Green Tea Blog is scintillating as well; thank you so much.

Christopher Z.
Brownsville, TX


I'm so thankful for your green tea. It is the best green tea I have ever had, and I appreciate that it is sustainably grown as well. I purchased the Top Leaf green tea and have given samples to all my friends who drink green tea.It is amazing! I even use it in my miso soup!  Thank you very much for the wonderful tea and the enjoyable blogs. I usually make a cup of your green tea or have a bowl of miso soup with your green tea in it and read your interesting and enjoyable blogs. Thank you very much!

Carol M.
Lansdowne, PA


Really enjoyed the Monks choice tea! No doubt one of the best mellow green teas I ever tried. I will be back for more. The shipping speed was very, very good.

Rob B.
Webster, MN


I have tried the Top Leaf from Mellow Monk and it is the best Green Tea I ever tasted. It has a taste so refreshing and natural you feel like you just picked and dried the leaves yourself. I doubt it if I will ever buy tea from another source other than Mellow Monk. Also the internet site is very well done and includes very insightful background information on how the tea is grown and produced. Thank you to everyone involved in growing, manufacturing, and distributing this fine tea, you must all be honored.

Jeremey F.
Fulton, NY


A while ago I opened the top leaf. I've had many sessions of it up until now and have tweaked my parameters. My final assessment is that this is a very good tea. And one I'd buy again. Certainly very unique in terms of flavor profile amongst all the other Japanese green tea's I've tried. Very well balanced, flavorful, and original. I definitely like this stuff. Anyways, just passing on my assessment of your tea. I think you offer a very good opportunity for American tea drinkers.

Ryan R.
Los Angeles, CA


The aroma of the dry leaf is mild and mellow, but carries with it the tantalizing tang noted in the previous post. This tang smell is exclusive to the leaf of guricha. The leaf is in amazing shape compared to the usual broken up sencha leaf. This shows that care really did go into the processing of this tea. [read more]

The Green Tea Review


I came across your blog awhile ago, and said that the next time I would buy tea online it would be from you. First off, I have loved reading your blog. Second, I have bought green tea from Rishi tea, In Pursuit of Tea, and have bought maeda-en and ito-en teas. The Monk's choice that I just made a cup of trumps them all. Thank you.

Joshua R.


It's been awhile since I last placed and order with your company, and I must admit that's because I've been shopping around. You see, I am not a rich man. I, like many, have limited resources, and unfortunately this sad reality applies my tea budget as well. Consequently, I have been sampling a variety of less expensive green teas from 100s of other, less reputable sources only to ultimately find disappointment and low quality from these unnamed tea producers. I have yet to find a tea that can, in my opinion, equal the exquisite color, flavor, or aroma of your superlative green tea, and I have determined life is too short to continue looking. Sufficed to say, I'm back and I will never stray again. You have found a follower in me Mellow Monk, and after sampling the competition I will gladly pay the higher price to enjoy your most excellent product.

Ryan T.


I’m always looking for green tea that brews into a green liquor, so I was impressed by the color of the
infusion of the Shirarore and Top Leaf teas. . . . The Top Leaf . . . has a clean, slightly grassy (just fine, it’s tea) taste like no other Japanese tea I have tried, but I don’t mind a stronger Japanese tea if the leaves are lightly processed.

Margarita R.
Puerto Rico


I just wanted to convey my sincere appreciation for your operation and your superlative tea. I corresponded with you several months ago per your request to explain my experience with Mellow Monk compared to other tea manufacturers. I am sorry if my information was unsatisfactory, but I would like to thank you for the opportunity to contribute my opinions. Your green teas continue to be a favorite of mine and are unmatched in quality and potency compared to any others I have come across. Good fortune to you and your company!

Ryan T.

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