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About us

Mellow Monk® is a green business that imports green tea directly from — and only from — independent artisinal tea estates in Kumamoto, Japan. These estates are certified eco-friendly and are 100% family owned and operated: these artisan–growers own the land they farm, farm only the land they own, and harvest and process tea leaves only from their own estates. Thus our single-estate tea is the product of traditional tea artisans with complete control over every aspect of their operations.

Mellow Monk green tea is a type of sencha known as tamaryokucha or guricha ("curly tea") because of the unique tea-crafting technique designed to impart a brisky flavor also results in curly tea leaves, rather than the straight leaves of conventional sencha.

Our award-winning tea has also won us many glowing reviews and — mostly importantly — much acclaim from our customers.

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